Restaurant De Gouden Reael

brand identity – stationary – website

We where approached to reposition restaurant De Gouden Reael. The restaurant was founded in 1834 and situated in one of the most iconic neighbourhoods of Amsterdam. What makes it a distinctive site is that it is rich in both tradition and history. The client was looking to revamp the place while keeping its rich history alive. The objective was to develop a classy but casual environment that is targeted towards middle age adults who are looking to enjoy good food, great wines and a classic experience.

The new brand identity is inspired on the golden gable stone of the prominent Reael family who owned the building back in 1648. We modernised the logo-marks and printed them with gold foiled layers what gives the identity a sense of allure. In combination with the authentic interior materials, the choice of rich blacks and elegant photography resulted in a classical brand appearance. A distinctive personality that enriches the history of the the building.